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Puppy birth :iconjashin-wiz:Jashin-Wiz 30 23
A HeartBroken Angel
"Heartbroken angel here on its knees, broken wings it sits here and pleads.
It wants to go back, it wants to fly high...but here it will stay, here it will die.
Behind this mask, behind this fake smile you see, is a heartbroken angel and a lonely demon on their knees.
She cries and she lies, pretending to be happy
But its clear how she suffers, to see the ones she loves, leave them for another.
But she'll never tell the truth, she'll never let anyone see...that behind that mask, is misery.
Can't you see the hurt in her eyes, all this comes from you and your lies.
You stand there and watch, as she sits there and cry. Its because of you she wishes to die....
She sits there alone with her book reading, time goes by as she sits there waiting.
For what nobody knows, she just sits there as times goes.
In truth she's waiting for her love...never knowing that he went up above.
What a sad life it is, to wait for someone who will never show....though she sits there time continues to
:iconhondaamaya:HondaAmaya 17 7
My Sanctuary
Imagine a garden.  A pastel colored kaleidoscope of colors in careful disarray. The smell of rich, moist, earth mixes with delicate floral scents.  There is a breeze that carries the smell of green things growing, fresh, clear water flowing, and the pleasing feel beneath one's feet of rocks, sand, and brick.  There is art to the grand design. The lines curve, intersect, and reveal a lovely and hidden pattern.  Within the ornamental groupings, tiny tendrils and shootings push up from the soil towards the light above their heads, while in other parts of the garden, jasmine, columbine, lavender and wild roses combine with greenery in thick, dense established configurations.  This perfectly hidden and uniquely special garden is made all the more precious and beautiful seen under the spell of moonlight.  Welcome to my sanctuary...
:iconhondaamaya:HondaAmaya 13 4
Summer of Lust-Yaoi
Summer of Lust
By: Kaede Natsu Sakurano
Nole checked the calendar. Summer was just about over…2 weeks left. Then it hit Nole…they hadn't done to the beach yet! Immediately, he called Daron at work. Daron was only saying he had this Sunday off. So Nole invited K'era, Trey, Jiro and Mikey to come along…well, more like a gay man party…
Nole smiled, "I can't wait! I'll wear my good trunks too! And I'll get the beach ball out too! Just the six of us guys!"
All the guys met at Daron's mansion first and got dressed; putting on sunblock. Trey put the visor on his sleek emo red-black hair. K'era put on his sun-reflecting contacts. Mikey also put a visor on his blonde hair and Jiro tied his brown hair back.
Nole giggled, "I shouldn't sunbathe too much…I'm the tannest as it is!"
Daron smiled, "But your tan is awesome." Nole blushed from being complemented by Daron.
Mikey stood tall, "Alright lovebirds, lets GO!"
Just by walking on the beach, tons of fangirls turned and st
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 4 7
Mature content
Love is Just Lies-Sad Anime :iconnursal1060:nursal1060 2 4
Stealing my Life-Sad Anime Poem
Stealing my Life
By: Kaede Natsu Sakurano
I sit on the bench and look up.
There stands my brother,
The oh-so-perfect one in our family.
He's talking to my friend,
Who I know he uses to spy on me.
He doesn't trust me,
I know he doesn't.
He steals my friends and uses them against me,
He's stolen so much from me already.
I know that he doesn't realizes
That I've lived in shadow since I was born.
Be a mirror of him
That's what I was told.
Don't they see what he's done to me?
I've been hurt since we were little.
Everyone loves him.
Everyone ignores me.
I made too many mistakes…
You'll never understand me when I say:
You're stealing my life…
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 8 3
Dreaming-Love Poem
I dreamt last night,
That you were there with me.
I closed my eyes,
And you appeared.
I called your name in my dream,
And there you were.
Dreaming is so wondrous.
But even if you claim to be there,
You just disappear…
You are no longer around
So I never see you anymore…
But just as I go to bed,
I know I'll see you!
I'll dream more and more about you…
Until the day I see you
While I'm not in a dreamy state…
And guess what I think?
I'm sure you're thinking of me too!
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 7 5
Mature content
APH US X UK-Brother and Lovers :iconnursal1060:nursal1060 174 30
Mature content
Blood Of Memories- Yaoi Anime :iconnursal1060:nursal1060 22 22
Mature content
Yami no Matsuei-Immortal Yaoi :iconnursal1060:nursal1060 12 7
Mature content
Bound by Blood-Kanazero-Yaoi :iconnursal1060:nursal1060 74 35
Mature content
The Bloody Conclusion-Anime Poem :iconnursal1060:nursal1060 1 0
Mature content
Happy Birthday-NaruSasu 10-10 :iconnursal1060:nursal1060 48 14
Missing Piece of my Heart P1
Missing Piece of my Heart Part 1
By: Kaede Natsu Sakurano
February 14th. A woman was ready for her baby to come into the world. She already had one son, only 22 months old. She knew this one would be a girl. For sure…it just had to be.
Her doctor was a sad woman in her heart. The doctor, Mrs. Kura, could have no children. She was in a fatal accident 3 years ago. She lost her uterus…but her husband still loved her. Mrs. Kura wanted a child so bad. But she hid it. The C-section of the woman that came in was starting.
After the surgery, Mrs. Kura was the only one in the hospital room. Mrs. Aidou [her patient with the baby] was asleep. But…Mrs. Kura knew a secret no one else did. Mrs. Aidou had twins…a girl and a boy. But the poor boy was very tiny and could barely breathe. Mrs. Kura knew that Mrs. Aidou only knew about having ONE child. A daughter.
Mrs. Kura whispered to herself, "Forgive me, Mrs. Aidou." Mrs. Kura took both babies in for testing, but claimed the male
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 28 6
Four Hearts For One-Anime
Four Hearts
For One
What you need to know:
1,200 years ago, god made a magic pendant to protect the forests from harm. But he was afraid that the 5 forest guardians would fight if there was only 1 pendant. So had a conference, where the 5 guardians would come to get there part of the silver pendant. The 5 guardians (Rose, Angel, Thor, Kin and Judon) were to arrive punctually. But Judon, the laziest of the 5, decided to sleep in that day. So the pendant was split into 4 pieces. Rose, Angel, Thor and Kin got an even part of the pendant, while Judon got none. Over time, Judon got consumed by greed…
The Story:
Judon sat on his home, the hollowed cliff in the center of the forest. He was dreaming about his power if he got control of all 4 pieces. He had got exiled a year ago for trying to steal Rose's pendant piece. He got up with a sigh; this day was too boring for his liking.
Judon's special ability was that he had wings and could control all aerial animals. He had thought of a quick
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 8 2

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Sorry for the long MIA. Real life is bogging me as usual. To make it up, I've got a MASS favourites in store for ya!

A Robot's EpiphanyHe was built to be the ultimate test subject. Not the source of knowledge itself. No, no, more so knowledge regarding the topic of a quantum space hole and the vast underground facility he once called "home". But he did not know everything about the world beyond. The books he read and the pictures he saw assured him he did, but deny it he did. He denied that he truly knew what it meant to be be human. For somewhere deep within him he realized a sense of emptiness. An emptiness yearning to be filled with something a mechanical being like him could never possess.
Wandering through the blizzard, paying no heed to a word anybody spoke to him. The only thing occupying his mind was his destination at the mysterious mountain peak. Clouded with thought, he disregarded the cold reaching the deepest and most vital parts of his mechanical body, and he wound up collapsing forward onto the snow. Though the pain throughout his body was great, he was more so impressed by the vision he had
by :iconwall-erox24-7:

and so lucifer made himhis voice was thickly poured
orange juice,
(concentrated, it seemed-- just for
on a
deserted skeleton beach;
sun seeping through
jagged and rustling
timber bones.
but he was
lying through his teeth;
knee-deep in saturated
words that he should've
kept to himself,
gritty sand forged instead of his
own name.
("even lucifer at first seemed

the sun coughed out.
and he just stood there,
black gems in his eyes and
a pitchfork in his
right hand,
finally shedding his
(at last, i thought.
i found not only the cracks
of his teeth, but
the crook in his jaw.)
by :icondelirious-eyes:

RelinquishI slump in my chair, staring at my computer but not seeing anything.
She gives a barely audible knock and walks into my room. She sits on my bed and looks at me, trying to read me, as a mother should.
“So . . .” she asks carefully, more carefully than she’s ever spoken before. “What do you think about all this?”
Drowning, clawing, scratching in the dark
Voices without bodies
I am screaming, I am bleeding, I cannot think

I hate talking about emotions. I hate talking in general. But this is different, this is big, this is something she is genuinely trying to help with. I understand that.
I must say something.
I wipe my hands on my sweatpants and clear my throat, not meeting her eyes. “Well, I . . . I’m surprised. But not really surprised, because, y’know, knowing—knowing her. . .”
She nods. Her gaze is tangible, like a warm beam of light. “I know. Same here.”
How can you understand, you’ve never under
by :iconsaroda:

EntityIt's in the small, round, cavern-like room that she realises, she has fog in her skin. She sees it twisting, unravelling as it sways, and observes it with an incredulous gaze for just a few moments, before turning her eyes to the narrow pedestal in the middle of the room.
There's a shadow.
It stands tall, black wisps dancing away from their owner, barely maintaining their form before joining the surrounding air. The wisps, unlike her own, were free to roam.
The shadow dipped its hand into a small white bowl, embedded into the pedestal, with black inscriptions that looked uncannily familiar.
It seemed to gaze back at her with, what she could instinctively tell, was a smirk.
She watched with silent fascination, and fear, already knowing that she didn't want to see, whatever it was going to show. As the small hand was raised into her line of sight, she visibly shuddered.
She couldn't fathom why.
The shadow held what looked like a soft blood-red shawl. It fell in waves, almost shimm
and RemnantHer hands were pressed against the window, as she watched a single light flicker inside the room.
She stayed there for a while, feeling the chilly breeze sweep across her arms, before letting her hands drop back down to her sides. Turning around, her hair swayed with the movement. The patchwork maze of small, rectangular shrubbery and flower bushes that she had walked through earlier in the morning had now been bathed in golden layers, the leaves almost glittering in the light.
The sun was setting.
She took a moment to lean on her toes, staring through the glass floor, seeing the city she'd never visited and thought it strange that her fear of heights was no where in sight. She turned her gaze to the right when she heard a familiar sound.
A boy, who seemed to be slightly younger than her, sat in a wheelchair.
"What are you doing here?"
The question startled her, and she froze, before hesitantly answering. "I'm... not entirely sure." She looked down at her feet for a second then turned
by :iconentitaria:

Madsenshe chases the white rabbit only wanting
to paint his fur red.
she imagines herself with a young man
dressed in dapper clothing much cleaner
than her filthy gowns.
her prince charming would not be so
he would be a little loose, head not
screwed on tight enough.
she can hear them talking behind her back,
feel their eyes glued to her in each step
she takes.
lies they're all spewing lies! she thinks.
there is a pistol holstered at her thigh,
hidden by the hem of her dress.
she keeps it with her in case another's
spoiled hands try touching her again.
or until the clock in her head strikes midnight;
ending her own time.
and she spits hurtful words in
peoples' faces.
only it doesn't make her feel better,
it makes her feel worse.
they cry so she hits herself
for every tear shed.
she loves to wear dresses in the winter,
light clothing in the cold.
where as she'll dress in sweaters and hoods
in the oven hotness of summer.
still she loves dresses even now,
despite her inner child giggling
by :iconscarletnalick:

BreakingI sit alone at a table in the far corner of the crowded room, easily ignored by the people around me. I can still picture my wife, sitting in the chair across from me, complimenting the soup that I sip on now, which had always seemed a little bland to me. Ever since her passing, I have been left alone, spending my days sitting in her favorite spot and thinking of the times that came before.
I hear him first, rather than see him. His shoes stomped loudly into the old folk’s home and, even though there was only one pair of feet, his footsteps sounded like a bull participating in a wild stampede. People turned to glare at him as he walked past. I did not look up.
“What has upset you, my boy?” I ask in my hoarse, aging voice, keeping my eyes glued to the lukewarm soup.
“Mother and Father won’t let me join the school’s soccer team. They offered me the goalie position.” My grandson, Matthew, whines. “They say it will take away from my studies.
by :iconbreatheforlife:

Wrapped Up In HerselfWhen she was six I came home one afternoon early and found her in my room with my box of art supplies upside down and my collection of long peacock feathers glued to her belt to make a lackluster skirt. The feathers were longer than her legs so when she backed away from me, surprised that I had come home, she tripped and smacked her head against my desk. There was an orange half moon on the horizon of the wood always after that. The funny thing was, I hadn't been angry in the first place. Seven days later she told me she had stolen the peacock feathers because she'd been learning about them in school. Her teacher had told her that peacocks were the most beautiful of all of the animals, and she told me that she wanted to be beautiful too. That night I'd tucked her quilt around her, kissed her sore little forehead and told her; you are already beautiful. I understood how she felt.
When she had just turned seventeen I caught her again. It was Christmas and I had come home a day earlier th
by :iconpoetryod:

Gentleman"You see, I'm always scared," he said, eyes fixated on his cup of coffee. "I don't like letting people close to me. Even when I was younger, I kept my distance from everyone. Never had a serious relationship till I was twenty, but when it happened, it was unstoppable. I'd always been kind of resigned to the thought that I'd never fall in love, because I was, you know, gay, and that's a taboo in this kind of world."
He ran a hand through his neatly combed hair and continued, still never meeting my eyes. "He's amazing, you know? For once in my life, I didn't feel like I was a freak. I could really let out who I was. I brought him home and my parents loved him, and for once, 'gay' didn't seem like a fucking, I don't know, insult or a fucking label. You're engaged, aren't you?"
I nodded, showing him my wedding ring. His lower jaw tensed.
"You know what it's like, then, to have someone right for you. Someone where you don't care that people are staring. I pretty much gave him everything, yo
by :iconblubbityblub:
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